Support Policy

Effective: 1st March 2023


We do our best to provide friendly, thorough, helpful and unbiased support to all our users. But, unfortunately, there have been instances where some of our Users have tried to abuse our Support System taking a lot of our time off developing and designing new things and bringing it to you in Future Updates of Canvas. We have a lot of amazing Updates coming up and We believe our time is best spent making Canvas a better product everyday for all our New & Existing users. Please consider complying with the Support Policy below:



  • 6/12 Months support is included from the Purchase Date as applicable.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Technical questions related to the Features & Templates (included functionalities) provided with the Package downloaded from ThemeForest.
  • Support related to Features included that are not working as they should.
  • Support related to Bugs arising due to the Default Codes from the Package (excluding Third-Party Assets).
  • Help with the Included Features of Third-party Assets (eg. Sliders, Animations, Carousel or any Elements).
  • Explanations of a Feature included with Canvas and their relevant CSS/JS or HTML Codes


Not Included

  • Installation of Canvas. You will need to follow the Documentation or follow the basic principles of setting up an HTML Template. If there are any additional issues related to Canvas, we are always there to help you.
  • Customizations or Specific Functionality requests other than what is included in the Package Download.
  • Features that are not working as intended after the Template(s) have been customized incorrectly.
  • Features that are not working as intended due to HTML Validation issues or JS Codes that display errors in the Console after they are customized. If the Template(s) you are working with works out of the box, you will need to rebuild from scratch and find the related issues manually.
  • Tweaking the Codes based on User or Client Requirements.
  • Support related to Upgrades to Latest Versions of Canvas.
  • Generic HTML/CSS/JS Codes or their explanations.
  • Support to Tickets which does include a Live URL where required.
    • No theoretical support will be provided based on explanations to the issue or codes.
    • No Support will be provided in cases where we will need to download and install the Files on our system for testing.
    • No Support will be provided where Live URL provided are inaccessible, broken or blocked in some countries or for some ISPs. Only those Live URLs will be supported which we have full access to.
    • No IP Addresses will be revealed.
  • Included Third-Party Assets Bugs Support or Help from Authors of Included Third-Party Assets.
  • Explanations or Support related to Hosting/Server Environments or Configurations.
  • Support for Canvas Versions older than 2 years.
  • Support with how to edit the Files. When using a Static HTML/CSS Template, basic knowledge of editing HTML/CSS/JS is required. Asking for Support on how to edit the files will be treated as Customization.


License Abuse

  • You can only use 1 Regular License of Canvas only on 1 Personal Website/Client’s Website.
  • You will need to Purchase Additional Licenses for each Additional Website.
  • If you plan to Sell SAAS Services on your Website or where the end user pays to use your Website, you will need to Purchase an Extended License. A Regular License is not valid in this case. More Details can be found here: .


Support Fair Use

  • No Customization Requests will be entertained even if minor changes. We will take your suggestions into consideration and try adding them in updates.
  • Ask questions only related to the Features included with the Downloaded Package based on the “Included Support” as described above.
  • Try to keep your Questions Concise and always include a Live URL (where necessary).
  • If the Templates or any Functionality works as expected out of the box, then their code structure will not be changed or modified in order to satisfy your use case.
  • Please read the Documentations first, then post your Support Queries if the information is not available on the Documentations.
  • Questions about generic HTML/CSS/JS that are not Canvas Specific, are out of scope of Included Support as Basic Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS is required to edit the Templates.
  • Extending/Renewing Support License do not entitle you to receive Support on Topics which are mentioned in the “Not Included” Support Policy above.
  • More Fair Usage details can be found here: .

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